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Modern people have
problems and
even feel some
pain in their pelvis.

hihip ver. 2 that will
correct your twisted posture

Modern people who sit on a chair for 9 hours a day on average
What was your sitting posture like today?

"Is your
pelvis okay?"

Why don’t you perform self-diagnosis?

· If you sit with your leg crossed

· If you look at the monitor with your waist slouching

The sitting posture of a person directly affects the pelvis.

Why Is a Pelvis

A pelvis supports a waist and has
internal organs like a bladder, rectum,
anus and female genital organs,
so its balance is very important.

The pelvis repeats to be relaxed and
contracted by the hormone called relaxin,
so you should take more care about the
pelvic balance.

If your postureget twisted

You can have tendency to gain weight
and be overweight in the lower body.


The chance to have fat legs


The chance to have
fat lower abdomen

Keeping “right posture” can
correct the twisted pelvis to its original status.

With only hihip - Posture correction sitting cushion

The best Posture Correction Sitting Cushion born by the joint
clinical demonstration with Hanyang
University Ergomechanics Laboratory

Patent no. 10-1056058 Posture Correction Sitting Cushion
Patent no. 5495154, Pelvic Correction Device obtained a patent in Japan
Brand no. 40-0875790, hihip got a brand registration in Korea, Japan and China

Cannot correct the bodyline of middle aged women?
Cannot correct the bodyline after giving birth?

Hihip is for women who want to take back their prenatal bodyline!

You can get your prenatal bodyline back
if you correct your body while recovering after childbirth.

How can celebrities be
so slim after childbirth?

How can celebrities be so slim after childbirth?
What did the people who are slim after childbirth do?

“Is she really the one who gave birth?”

Does diet work?
Do you want to take back your prenatal bodyline?

Hush!! The secret is a pelvis!

Your pelvis should be corrected if you want to make your hips and thighs slim!

The importance of a correct posture!

Press also talks about the importance.

October 8th, 2018 – Asia News Agency
The first step of losing weight of lower body is pelvic correction –
If a pelvis on the lower body is twisted, the overall alignment of lower body
is twisted including hip joints and thighbones. This makes blood circulation in
the lower body difficult, and body wastes are accumulated in legs.
This is why thighs, hips, knees, and ankles become fat.

June 4th, 2018 – FAM TIMES
Diet cannot help with lower body fat, but “pelvic correction” can – If your lower body
is fat compared to your upper body, you might have a twisted pelvis.
The cause and symptom of the twisted pelvis, pelvic correction exercises …

October 10th, 2017 – The Hankook Ilbo
Ignoring pelvic pain makes you hurt internally – If you feel any pain in your pelvis,
the balance of your spine and pelvis is broken to twist your pelvis.
If it is twisted too much, a surgery might be necessary.

February 22nd, 2017 – Korea News System
Pelvic correction for the twisted balance – It hinders internal circulation
accumulating body fat and body waste and causes obesity.

April 3rd, 2015 – Korea Business News TV
Constant pain in waist and pelvis, unbalanced pelvis might be the cause
– After giving birth, the twisted pelvis is recovered to its original position.
If postnatal goes wrong to cause the imbalanced pelvis,
you might have pain in the waist and pelvis of one side.

designed by pelvic correction patented technology

Hihip - Posture Correction Sitting Cushion

Excellent Paper Product
[The Effect of Posture Correction Sitting Cushion of Functionality]

Premium fabric

Pelvic correction /
hip-up patent

of functionality

Hihip’s Posture correction sitting cushion hihip Version 2, made by the pelvic correction device expert company

Correct the twisted,
sitting posture
hihip ver.2

In 2018, hihip, loved my so many people,
came back as hihip Ver. 2!

Ver. 1 User Review

It’s difficult to carry hihip around

We changed its fabric and design

For those who wanted to use hihip in different places but couldn’t because it is hard to carry around, hihip is made of urethane foam and air mesh fabric for its portability, while maintaining the pelvic correction patent and hip-up patent.

Ver. 1 User Review

I want to buy one again, but it’s too expensive

We lowered the consumer price.

For those who hesitated to buy additional hihip products because of its high price, the price of hihip went down.

hihip ver. 2 that will
correct your twisted posture

hihip - Posture correction sitting cushion
The outcome of years of research!

The outcome of long research l Scientific shape Hihip balances your posture effectively.

Maintaining Balanced Posture

1. Electromyography

(bedside and clinical demonstration)

[General Chair]

The weight falls on the twisted side, so the muscles on that side have to move a lot more.


The weight evenly falls on the both side of the hips so that you can balance the posture.

2. Moire Test

(bedside and clinical demonstration)

[General Chair]

The patterns are tilted toward the twisted pelvis.


The patterns are kept even because the right side and the left side of the pelvis support the upper body equally.

3. Body Pressure Distribution Test

(bedside and clinical demonstration)

[General Chair]

The pelvis is imbalanced and tilted to the left or right side, and hips can be pressed or sagged due to the pressed hipbone.


It balances hips so that the pressure of the upper body is evenly distributed, and this prevents the hips’ growing and sagging.

Features of the hihip Posture Correction Sitting Cushion

01. Posture Correction Sitting Cushion

Hihip is totally different from hemorrhoid seat cushions that has a hole in the center, having patents for pelvic correction and hip-up functions.

It makes you keep the right posture by positioning hips in the right place, and it keeps hips from drooping because the whole hip muscles hold upper body weight.

02. Functional Fabric

It uses urethane foam, not sponge nor memory foam, to hold hips correctly and disperse the body pressure for long and correct sitting. Made of air mesh fabric that has high density and less lint, the functional fabric was used for high air permeability, sweat discharge and air circulation.

Hihip products directly touch women’s Y zone and pelvis
Therefore, we devoted ourselves to the safety of the materials.
The materials used were verified and certified
by the RoHS test on heavy metal and harmful substances.

The posture correction sitting cushion for every era

User Reviews

34-year-old mother after giving birth (mo*** 2014.08.21)

I had a weak pelvis since I was young.
It got weaker when I gave birth to a baby. It was painful and difficult for me to walk,
so it was very hard to concentrate on my baby.
My husband bought hi*** for me, and it was hard and uncomfortable at first.
These days, I cannot live without it.After two weeks of use, my pelvis
became a little bit comfortable and the pain was gone.
It is not soft, but its tightening feeling is more trustworthy.

32-year-old office worker (12d*** 2016.11.30)

My mom had a hard time walking and she didn’t like going out.
I thought that all opens to old people. At first, I bought it for her birthday and got
praised for that. She said her body became somehow different after 2 weeks,
and after 3 weeks, she walked better than me.
I almost thought she was running. hi*** is really good, and it’s better because it makes hips warm.

40-year-old office worker (freest*** 2017. 10. 14)

I sit all day at the office almost every day at work,
and I usually visit an oriental medical clinic.
I use only one side of my body for foot volleyball, golf, and other sports that men like.
And that makes my pelvis and shoulders twisted causing pain frequently.
So I met hi*** while looking for a comfortable sitting cushion.
I thought it was uncomfortable to men, but it wasn’t after 2 to 3 days.
These days, I don’t do Chuna Manual Therapy and go to the oriental medical clinic.
The clinic even calls me to ask why I am not coming.


The design reproduced the former concept
of hihip and functions of pelvic correction and hip-up.


You can sit there comfortably for a long time because
the body pressure is distributed.
The urethane foam has high density
and durability, and air mesh fabric with holes has
excellent air permeability and dries well.

hihip ver. 2 Q&A

Q. How can I wash it?

Separate its cover and cushion. Wash the cover by hand,
spread it out evenly, and dry it well in the shade.

Q. How solid and resilient the cushion is?

The cushion has the optimal solidity for pelvic correction
and hip-up effects. If it is too soft, the pelvic correction
and hip-up effects might not work. So, its softness
is about 60 %. Because it is made with best materials,
it is resilient enough to keep its original shape.

Q. How long do I have to use this product for its desirable effect?

The effect of the product depends on user conditions.
If you use it constantly, your pelvis comes to its original position
fast even though it has been twisted. As time goes,
the pelvis keeps returning to its correct position.
So, it is important to put it on the seat that you most
frequently sit on and to carry it around for frequent use.

Q. I found this stain at the bottom of the product. Isn’t it a defective product?

The top surface of hihip VER 2, which has the most function of the product, does not have the stain, so there is no problem with its function. The bottom surface can have this bubble stain, but it is not defective. The stain can happen because a frame, called mold, is used to make the product. General memory foam products are made by pulling the material out and cutting it, but hihip is made by molding the foam one by one, so there can be stain. You don’t have to worry about it because the stain does not mean the product is defective.