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Design Your Body with hihip!

- Seat Posture Pelvic Cushion and Pelvic Corrector Device

hihip including seat posture pelvic cushion and device makes banana lines of hips flexible and streamlined, which can easily have wrinkles and callus. hihip also makes hip muscles get tensed for hip-up effects.
When sitting for a long time, a pelvis can be easily twisted. hihip helps to correct your pelvis to be kept at 85 degrees so that it won’t be twisted.
Also, you can use a pelvic diet massage function, through hip-muscle contraction and relaxation, by simply pushing some buttons. You can use hihp's heating function that is helpful for a variety of gynecological diseases.

Seat Posture Pelvic Cushion
Seat Posture Pelvic Cushion
Are you training for “S Line”?
hihip prevents wrinkles on the hip lines that have been shaped from regular exercise, and the pelvic diet will make you have the sleek body and the S-line.
Seat Posture Pelvic Cushion
Do you sit for long periods while studying?
hihip helps the students who sit for a long time to sit up straight. Its massage function and heating wires will help them relieve fatigue.
Seat Posture Pelvic Cushion
Do you work in a office?
You can keep your pelvis healthy just by sitting on hihip including seat posture pelvic cushion and device during your working hours. The pelvic shaping and correcting will help you go on a diet, and they disperse the weight on the banana lines protecting the hips from wrinkles and swelling.
Seat Posture Pelvic Cushion
Have you recently given birth to a baby?
Women's bodies change after giving birth. Their twisted pelvises can be corrected, and their body lines can be much slimmer than before with hihip including seat posture pelvic cushion and device, because it is designed to give good effects just by sitting on it. hihip keeps mothers in shape and healthy since it has heating wires that have the same effect as a hip bath that helps to prevent the post-natal, gynecological diseases.
A woman has three chances to change her body tendency. Puberty, postnatal period, and menopause are when she goes through drastic changes of hormone balance.
Among them, postnatal period is special. It changes her weight, body fluid, bones as well as hormones.
It is known that the mother’s body after giving birth is like that of an old lady. Muscles don’t work well and a little bit of burden damages her body, breaking body lines.
But if the posture is corrected, her postnatal physique can be better than prenatal one. It is important to keep the correct posture than to change the posture by force.
If you lead hormones, weight, body fluid, and physique to the right direction, you can solve many problems caused by the physique, like small weight loss and fatigue.